We engineer advanced composites & coatings to avert Climate Change Threats Stewardship-Resilience-Preparedness

A SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTION: Prevention and Preparedness from Floods, Fires, Radiation, Corrosion, Encapsulation of Toxins.

Nanoarchitech engineers advanced composites and coatings in a variety of thicknesses and formulations based on the criteria and application specifications and the scope of work of specific projects that range from a coating to a solid wall, floor, or roof, even infrastructure elements; ie. Pillings, Sewer Pipes, Bridges, Seawalls etc.

Please contact our team for an more details tailored to your needs and job requirements. We are available for consultation by appointment online by skype, zoom , what's app or messenger. info@nanoarchitech.com

Our team of experienced Engineers , Architects and Technology specialists will guide you to the best performance results for your applications or assist in developing custom solutions.

John Orava's "MAGIC MUD"... John created a portfolio of nanoceramic solutions at the request of FEMA and HUD to solve the disastrous damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

NEUSKYNS, developed specifically to ensure protection for our built environment from natural and manmade disasters.

Here is a simple house with Neuskyns applied instead of a 3 layered stucco with far greater resilience to damage