Resilient Solutions for a Challenging Era

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  • NeuskynsTM Resilient  anti-microbial coatings for Indoor Protection            
  • NeuskynsTM  Super Durable Finish Materials for the Building Envelope 
  • FireskynsTM Advanced Finish Materials for Building Envelopes

Composites and Coatings Applications:  

  •  NeuskynsTM coatings 
  •  Interiors-antimicrobial, hypoallergenic coatings
  • Fire prevention coatings
  • Repairs and restoration 
  • Toxin/CO2 encapsulation
  • Treats steel -anti-corrosive, wood, concrete surface coating and restoration. 


  • Product licensing opportunities
  • Architecture /engineering  application consulting     
  • Smart building system integration services including renewable energy integration
  • Consultation-alternative composites for environmental health and safety      

” As, CEO and Founder of the Global Center for Preparedness & Resilience, we support NanoArchitech, Inc. for taking a lead on developing resilient materials for the Built Environment.”Cliff Bragdon,PhD.

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