Our promise is to all future generations to leave this planet in the best possible condition. We promise to do everything in our power as a global corporation to protect the environment and all of humanity.

We are committed to sourcing materials locally wherever possible and finding the nearest resources where materials are not available. Specialty ingredients may have to be shipped as we expand globally but always with a conscious effort to minimize the carbon footprint.

Our nanocomposites are robust and resilient and will outlast legacy materials many times over ending the constant cycle of rebuilding and landfilling. Our structures will “still be standing” after beatings from severe storms, hurricanes and earthquakes as research and field tests have proven.

Resilience is the new standard for sustainability. Prepared communities will specify resilient materials in anticipation of more frequent and severe storms due to the overuse of fossil fuels and the effects of environmental toxins.

Neuskyns™ coatings and solid materials have a green effect on savings in the health industry due to lower disease rates. The costs of disease associated with toxins in buildings will be greatly reduced ( asthma, cancer, respiratory ailments, death) with materials providing an antimicrobial, hypoallergenic interior environment.
We know all too well the price we pay for the failure of conventional materials to stand up to damages resulting in health consequences. As the environment becomes more compromised and a growing number of people become chemically sensitive, the importance of Neuskyns™ health benefits will become increasingly important.

Looking at the growing population and increasing use of common cement which is already responsible for over eight percent of all global emissions, the importance of replacing it with a low heat processed material provides a massive reduction by a whopping eighty percent fewer emissions annually. For every ton of common cement, a ton of carbon dioxide is released during processing. Our low heat process will help solve this problem while creating higher strength products, using less material at a lower cost and recycling materials into our formulas.