NanoArchitech provides a “platform technology” with broad uses. Our focus is on resilient and sustainable architecture and building technology. This includes restoration of existing and new construction.

NanoArchitech is a Silicon Valley technology group offering advanced composites developed at the request of FEMA and HUD by a top scientific consultant for resilience to disasters both natural and man-made.  With a global agenda, NanoArchitech intends to provide affordable and resilient architecture around the world with locally sourced materials.

An important secondary market we supply materials to is underwater construction and restoration. We supply eco-friendly composites compatible with sea life to rebuild coral reef, raised oyster habitat above contaminated bay floors and affordable pier restoration. 

Beyond the exterior protection, the material provides a hypoallergenic provide healthy interior living spaces and to do it in a cost-effective way. This is a platform technology that can replace several legacy materials with much greater results and with a wide range of uses.

NanoArchitech is setting up a  global supply chain to provide locally sourced materials to produce cost-effective environmentally friendly and healthy materials for disaster prevention and to build long lasting and healthy homes and prepared communities.

NeuskynsTM coatings, for interior or exterior wall coating, stucco replacement, and paint enhancement and NeuskynsTMWe offer solid nano-cement for structures which can be precast

NanoArchitech offers affordable solutions to provide housing that will stand up to climate change and growing storm intensity. Resilience is the new Norm.

“If it’s NOT resilient – it’s NOT sustainable”