Ceramtek™ is a family of Climate Tech products for building envelopes, finishes, and panel applications. 

Our products differ from traditional ceramics because of nanoscale particles that compose specific mechanical properties regular ceramic cannot provide, such as extreme long-lasting durability, electrical and thermal applications. The three leading Ceramtek™ products are Neuskyns™, Fireskyns™, and Magic Mud™. 


Neuskyns™ is a product name that refers to its capability of neutralizing carbon on the surface itself, forming a resilient coating, finish, or building skin.

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Ivory, Desert Peach, and Terracotta are the three favorite colors shown above of 200 colors offered!

We are encouraged to see that architects are specifying advanced materials and understanding the importance of the multifunctional advantages our materials deliver over competitors. Green Chemistry is improving the world through Climate Tech characterization to meet the needs of the global population. The single source solution to sequester carbon and combat the climate crisis is to “Building back better!”. 


The leading spray-on, troweling, or precast building envelope material.

All Products Benefits & Advantages:

  1. Lasts 3 times longer than common cement (a century or more)
  2. Fast-curing (5-55 minutes)
  3. Non-kilned process
  4. Waterproof & moldproof 
  5. Fireproof (to 3000ºF)
  6. A barrier to sound, heat, & radiation
  7. Encapsulates toxins & radioactive material 
  8. Self-leveling
  9. Conductive or non-conductive
  10. Exceeds building code requirements
  11. Crack & scratch resistant 
  12. Can recycle waste materials as filler
  13. Super adhesive to most materials & to itself 
  14. Absorbs & dissipates CO
  15. Non-toxic, antimicrobial, & hypoallergenic
  16. Breathable: releases moisture via vapor nanoparticles
  17. Uses: flooring, walls, roofing, repairs, & renovations 
  18. Other uses: infrastructure, chemical resistant surfaces, etc. 
  19. Anticorrosive 
  20. 3D printable for construction 
  21. Accelerates speed for ease in precast, prefab, molds, & finishes
  22. No painting required, self cleaning, solid color
  23. Repairs and rejuvenates infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, & sidewalks 
  24. 35% lighter weight than regular cement 
  25. Can recycle a wide range of fillers, harvested carbon, & recycled cement 
  26. Waste management 
  27. Pest Barrier
  28. Underwater applications: pipelines, coral reefs, ships