Resilient Green composites to replace common cement


Call to Action- The time is now!

NanoArchitech’s composites developed at the request of FEMA and HUD are needed globally as increasing storm intensity wipes out areas around the planet more and more frequently. The days of creating Klinker in high-temperature kilns to produce a ton of CO2 per ton of cement are fading with efforts to preserve the environment, reduce global emissions and prevent off-gassing in buildings for healthy interiors.

Cop21  and other powerful conferences and research results have awakened global awareness to the need to immediately improve the way we build with long lasting, resilient materials that can withstand  greater intensity. Neuskyns materials withstand increased threats and extreme conditions. The time is now to get off of fossil fuel, use much less wood, end deforestation and stop processing common cement which emits a ton of CO2 for every ton of cement accounting for over 8% of CO2 globally! We can reduce this figure by 60 %.

Additionally, our nano-composites accomodate integrated solar energy for autonomous buildings without the need for secondary heating and cooling.