NanoArchitech provides an advanced “platform technology” with a broad range of uses.

We provide Resilient Building composites and coatings through global partnerships and licensing agreements. We replace toxic legacy materials to reduce CO2 and provide the highest degree of protection to human life.

There is no limit to the applications of our patented Nanoceramic solutions.

Our “partners”  are free to use our materials in any way they wish choosing from a variety of formulas, and adjustable flexural and compressive strengths and engineered characteristics. We focus on uses pertaining to resilient and sustainable architecture. This includes restoration of existing and new construction, on earth, in our oceans, and when needed in extraterrestrial applications.

Our objective is to reduce the enormous carbon footprint of common cement by introducing our green alternative which eliminates the high C02 processing of common cement in toxic Klinker plants with our low heat process and recycling materials as fillers.

NanoArchitech is a Silicon Valley technology group offering advanced composites developed at the request of FEMA and HUD by top scientific consultant John Orava for resilience to disasters both natural and man-made. With a global agenda, NanoArchitech intends to provide affordable and resilient architecture around the world with locally sourced materials.

Due to a global housing crisis, we prioritize cost-effective housing, safe food, and medical facilities for the construction industry.

We offer materials in partnership for a variety of other uses through a global supply chain for uses such as underwater reconstruction and reef restoration, oyster habitat, and floating buildings. We supply eco-friendly composites compatible with sea life to rebuild coral reef, oyster habitat above contaminated bay floors, and affordable pier restoration. 

Beyond the exterior protection, the material provides a hypoallergenic provide healthy interior living spaces and to do it in a cost-effective way. This is a platform technology that can replace several legacy materials with much greater results and with a wide range of uses.

NanoArchitech is setting up a global supply chain to provide locally sourced materials to produce cost-effective environmentally friendly and healthy materials for disaster prevention and to build long-lasting and healthy homes and prepared communities for anticipated high-impact storms. 

NEUSKYNSTM alternative coatings for longer-lasting, breathable coatings with UV protection can be applied directly on existing buildings and highly adhesive to most surfaces.

NanoArchitech offers affordable solutions to provide housing and other built environment solutions that will stand up to climate change. Resilience is the new norm and offers higher standards needed for preparation.

 Be Prepared. Be Resilient. Act Before Disaster hits.

Many buildings and infrastructure would still be standing if these materials were used instead of conventional ones where fire, water, mold, and toxins destroyed homes to the billions of dollars. It is now happening over and over globally and a cost that can be handled with advanced materials. 


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