Advanced Technology Solutions for a Challenging Era.

We engineer multi-functional materials for the Built Environment.

Cooperative Housing :Integrated Energy-Resilient Solutions

Housing comes in many forms from urban to suburban residential. Our goal is to provide a healthy social environment as well as a cost-effective housing solution that also addresses the pillars of resiliency and lifecycle ROI –

Safety, Security, Sustainability and Health is our Game.

Soon Glass , plumbing and electric will remove all design limitations for 3-D printed homes. Very Exciting for the near future of cost effective housing!

Below- Cooperative Living solves multi-level problems of loneliness , homelessness and cost effective living with shared common spaces for cooking and lounging. I have seen some great models in the San Francisco Bay Area ! Everyone benefits!

Smart Panel System integrates renewable energy- Great solution to cost-effective resilience.

3-D Printing Revolutionary Structures

At last ! 3-D houses have been built around the world and can offer cost effective and beautiful structures in a single day. We will offer 3-D design and construction in the near future.

Our 3-D composites offer ideal fast curing, solid color with no need for painting and healthy composites

Eco-friendly   Nanocomposite Domes

Common cement creates a ton of CO2 for every ton of cement produced in Klinter plants to process clay and lime. Our composites are not processed this way. It forms at room temperature and can easily be sprayed on an air form with a shot-crete application method to form the healthiest,most resilient structures on earth for generations to come.