Cooperative Housing :Integrated Energy-Resilient Solutions

Soon Glass , plumbing and electric will remove all design limitations for 3-D printed homes. Very Exciting for the near future of cost effective housing!

Below- Cooperative Living solves multi-level problems of loneliness , homelessness and cost effective living with shared common spaces for cooking and lounging. I have seen some great models in the San Francisco Bay Area ! Everyone benefits!

Smart Panel System integrates renewable energy- Great solution to cost-effective resilience.

3-D Printing Revolutionary Structures

At last ! 3-D houses have been built around the world and can offer cost effective and beautiful structures in a single day. We will offer 3-D design and construction in the near future.

Our 3-D composites offer ideal fast curing, solid color with no need for painting and healthy composites


Eco-friendly Modern Composite Domes

 Healthy and resilient housing not possible with common cement.