Japan developed very sophisticated indoor farming now used all over Asia during the Radiation tragedy at Fukachima in Japan.

Controlled Food Production: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant’s massive radiation leak from 2011 serves as a stark reminder of our urgent need for preparedness today. The damage extended to Hawaii and U.S West Coast, dumping tons of nuclear waste into our oceans. Much of the sea life was destroyed in the northwest ports of the U.S.

Food security is a major concern of the World Bank: Indoor farming has spread worldwide providing locally grown, nutrient rich greens to populations in climates where outdoor farming would not be feasible year round. Even in locations like California, where water shortages are a concern indoor farming has the benefit of using less fertilization and only one percent of the water needed in outdoor farming methods.

Without intervention, access to affordable and healthy food will continue to be a global challenge. In 2019, 690 million people around the world went hungry, a figure that is projected to rise in no small part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But indoor farms constantly produce abundant yields with virtually no waste. Did you know that a single acre of indoor vertical farming has the potential to yield the equivalent of ten and twenty acres of produce grown traditionally? It helps that indoor farming removes variables such as extreme weather, droughts, and pests, which can negatively impact the net yield of a given outdoor crop. They are also not subject to the availability of arable land, an issue exacerbated by climate change.

With Covid-19 wreaking havoc all over the planet, heightened awareness of the decline in the environment and the need for anti-microbial, hypoallergenic interior space is another area where Neuskyns coatings can protect our food and plant materials from new strains of molds and bacterias that affect our immune system. A smart choice for coating indoor farming operations, medical facilities and around moisture areas of the home is Neuskyns anti-microbial coating.


A movement for safe food supplies spreading throughout the world.