Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to promoting social and environmental benefits, keeping future generations at the forefront of our mission. Our focus lies in developing building materials designed to endure for over a century, thus advancing public health and environmental safety. 

Our pledge extends to all future generations, ensuring we leave this planet in the best possible condition. We commit to enhancing environmental protection and elevating human well-being.We prioritize local sourcing wherever feasible. We carefully manage our carbon footprint, even when shipping specialty ingredients.

The nanocomposites are robust and exceptionally durable, capable of outlasting legacy materials. Nevertheless, ending the cycle of frequent rebuilding and landfilling. Extensive research and field tests confirm they will “still be standing” after beatings from severe storms, hurricanes, and earthquakes. In anticipation of more frequent and severe storms due to the overuse of fossil fuels and environmental toxins, resilient materials are pivotal. 

Neuskyns™ coatings and solid materials significantly contribute to health savings by reducing disease rates associated with toxins in buildings. Their antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties foster a healthier environment, diminishing  ailments such as asthma, cancer, and respiratory issues. As the environment becomes more compromised and a growing number of people become chemically sensitive, the importance of Neuskyns™ health benefits will become increasingly important. 

The widespread use of common cement is responsible for over eight percent of all global emissions. For every ton of common cement, a ton of carbon dioxide is released during processing. Our low heat process will reduce emissions by up to 80% annually. This innovative approach promotes material recycling. 

Here are some ideas of how you can help: OneGreenThing