Time is of the essence to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions and reclaim the environment above and below the oceans and in the atmosphere.

This content explains the green new deal and also shows a chart of how much more energy we use and damage Americans do to the environment. Please consider your carbon footprint in your day to day life in an effort to make like bearable for future generations. We are all just visitors on this planet. Legislation that matters for the air we breathe- addressing cement pollution and toxins. Thank you, Assemblyman Bonta, for this bill!

Thank you to the Sierra Club for doing research on the levels of pollution from the plants.

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Sierra Club Statement on Cement Report and Industry … › press-releases › 2019/02 › sierra-.

Bold New Legislation in California is setting an example by adopting the Green New Deal for the State of California, despite the lack of leadership in the US currently on what many believe is the most important matter we share as one global society of humanity. The Link above takes action to clean up the cement industry and the off-gassing of toxins in the production clinkering plants polluting the earth at an alarming rate as the population rises and more structure and infrastructure is built. We offer clean alternative cement products that do not require clinker plants and drastically reduce the carbon footprint . At the same time our products last decades longer, do not off-gas, and provide greater strength to new and renovation materials alike.

“All Religions, Arts and Sciences, are branches of the same tree.” Einstein

Perhaps the Covid-19 Pandemic has united us in some way as a planet and shaken our very core with fears of extinction, which is imminent unless we heed the many warnings and respond with a Call to Action around this planet and take immediate action to the fullest in protecting the environment.