We envision a nearly unexhaustible list of uses for this ‘platform technology.’ 

In the world of materials science, both Neuskynsand Fireskynstransform the global climate impact of building materials, with over 85% reduction in CO2 emission vs standard Portland cement production.  This material has the further ability to create NetZero construction material by inclusion of captured CO2 fillers.

The capabilities of the material itself provide a breathless array of possibilities – some of which are listed on this website.  From quick-build Hurricane-resistant housing in the wake of a disaster, to practically unburnable buildings in areas of high fire risk, non-toxic and hypoallergenic indoor built environments for individuals with chemical sensitivies, re-colonization structures for coral reef recovery, and indoor farming facilities with structural elements that will not support unwanted mold and bacterial growth.



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Ivory, Desert Peach, Terracotta, favorite colors shown above, plus 200 more colors !

Coatings, Finish Materials, Building Skins, Building Envelopes, and Solid Green Cementitious Supermaterials with Multiple Benefits to Disaster Resilience and Healthy Buildings in a single-source material solving several construction problems.

  • NeuskynsTM Resilient  anti-microbial coatings for Indoor Protection            
  • NeuskynsTM  Super Durable Finish Materials for the Building Envelope 
  • FireskynsTM Advanced Finish Materials for Building Envelopes
Composites and Coatings Applications:  
  •  NeuskynsTM coatings 
  •  Interiors-antimicrobial, hypoallergenic coatings
  •  Fire prevention coatings
  •  Quickset Repairs and restoration materials highly adhesive to most materials
  • Toxin/CO2 encapsulation
  • Treats steel -anti-corrosive, wood, concrete surface coating and restoration. 
  • Product licensing opportunities
  • Architecture /engineering  application and consulting     
  • Smart building system integration services including renewable energy integration
  • Consultation-alternative composites for environmental health and safety  

Differentiators, Benefits and Advantages:

  • Lasts generations longer than common cement – 3 Times Longer
  • Highly resilient to water, fire, mold, and toxins
  • Sound, thermal, and radiation barrier
  • Encapsulates toxins
  • Recycles waste materials as filler
  • Super adhesive to concrete, wood, and metal
  • Absorbs and dissipates CO
  • Creates Resilient antimicrobial and hypoallergenic homes
  • Uses: flooring, walls, roofing, repairs, and coatings
  • 3D printable for  Construction 
  •  Accelerates Speed for ease in precast, prefab & molds
  • Color is solid -no painting required- self-cleaning
  • Infrastructure rejuvenation using much less cement

” As, CEO and Founder of the Global Center for Preparedness & Resilience, we support NanoArchitech, Inc. for taking a lead on developing resilient materials for the Built Environment.”Cliff Bragdon,PhD.  


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