Why We Do What We Do

We have reached a point in time …there is no going back now.

Advanced Technology Solutions are now required to face our very challenging era. Legacy cement and wood do not hold up causing a wasteful cycle or constant rebuilding.

This is why we engineer multi-functional nanomaterials for the Built Environment.

The time is now to prepare for what is anticipated & “Build Back Better” to secure the health and safety of future generations.

Basic affordable 3D-printed homes are being constructed globally. The future of dwellings will include 3D printing of homes, for a fraction of the cost while meeting the need for Resilience and Preparedness for high wind and water loads. 


NanoArchitech is an architectural technology group with over twenty-five years of excellence in cutting-edge building design, construction technology, engineering, and invention. We offer breakthrough technology for healthy and resilient building envelopes and interiors for the safety of occupants and the environment.

NanoArchitech has patented green building technology that outperforms existing materials that could save billions of dollars annually wasted on rebuilding from fires, floods, hurricanes, and intense storms. Our composites stand up to extreme conditions and will last for generations.

The greatest impact we offer is removing the need to use highly polluting cement processing  (nearly 1 ton of carbon per ton of cement)  accounts for over 9.5% of all global emissions and is destroying the earth’s atmosphere and spreading air-borne toxins to human beings resulting in respiratory ailments, cancer, and death.

Our core technology was developed at the request of FEMA and HUD to resolve the crisis of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina to outperform concrete and wood. NanoArchitech’s materials are formed by an exothermic reaction that takes the place of high-carbon heating in clinker plants. As we say ” \


We use a special non-fired nanoceramic nanocomposite material and process yielding over 15 differentiators, benefits, and building perks over conventional cement including environmental and human health benefits that are becoming essential for human survival.


John Edward Orava

NanoArchitech evolved from Orava Research, Orava Applied Technologies and Biophysics Research Foundation of Edgewood, Illinois founded by John Orava, inventor and consultant. At the request of FEMA and HUD and in collaboration with Argonne National Lab and Ferme Labs, John Orava developed a series of patents to address the threats and disasters of 9-11 and Hurricane Katrina. The patent series addresses encapsulation of toxins, resilient super-materials for building and infrastructure, and a unique holistic building system to help end deforestation and the toxic production of common cement and steel with greater strength and longevity.

John Orava was a highly regarded government consultant and genius problem solver to the government and  industry. He worked tirelessly solving problems in a wide range of areas including food, medical, green chemistry, solar and more.  He developed the nanocomposite matrix and building system as a single-source solution to multiple problems in the construction industry including safety and toxicity issues. We are pleased to announce that the patents are now issued and excited to offer the material to set a  higher bar so we can now build for the long term and create healthy buildings that will last for generations to come.